Watt Warden was created in 2022, to fill the back office service needs of Solar Installers or EPCs with its first customer being A1A Solar Contracting Inc., a long-standing Solar Power World magazine-ranked Florida installer and one of a few NABCEP Company Accredited installers in the US. We have expanded to assist other contractors with similar challenges via an approach that includes- and requires- the highest degree of business integrity to sustain a oong-term business relationship.

Watt Warden is a US-based company that uses a highly-skilled solar specialized Philippine team to handle all the above for your company. This team becomes a seamless extension of your company (working under your business name), handling calls and emails, remote diagnosing (when possible), coordinating RMAs, and creating service call tickets for your field team to roll the truck. “We do not perform any on-site work; only customer service, sales and administration.”

Pete is a founding partner of Watt Warden LLC, a B2B solar services provider assisting solar contractors with growing demand of fleet service requirements by handling customer service calls, remote technical support, billing and other administrative tasks.
Pete is also the president and founder of A1A Solar Contracting, Inc., a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Company and Licensed Solar and Electrical Contractor providing top of the line renewable and back-up power solutions for the southeastern USA’s residential, commercial and government marketplaces since 2010.
He is an in-theater US Navy Officer and Veteran of the first Persian Gulf War and holds an MBA with a BS in Environmental Science. He holds multiple NABCEP Certifications and is a recipient of the Jacksonville Business Journa;s/ Ultimate CEO Award.

Pete Wilking

Pietro Ignacio
Vice president

The Wardens

Our off-shore staff are highly trained experts in receiving and handling customer issues, diagnosing and remote system repairs. They also handle service quotes, billings and the build up of 5 star customer reviews.

Pietro is a Filipino-American who immigrated to the U.S.A. a little more than two decades ago. He started his career in renewable energy with A1A Solar Contracting in 2015 as a roof helper. Like Forrest Gump, he has no idea what brought him to this position. If you set him on a mission, he will not quit until the job is done and done properly. After that, he will find something else that needs doing.
He will work himself to death and even while in that process, he will get up to finish a task. Also like a dirty sponge, he absorbs a lot of abuse from customers who call in with complaints about their PV systems.
Pietro also has multiple NABCEP certifications and regularly travels to the Philippines to train our Watt Wardens and for other more mysterious reasons.
The only thing he’s got going for him is his common sense and the ability to read and comprehend.