Watt Warden was created in 2022, to fill the back office service needs of Solar Installers or EPCs with its first customer being A1A Solar Contracting Inc., a long-standing Solar Power World magazine-ranked Florida installer and one of a few NABCEP Company Accredited installers in the US. We have expanded to assist other contractors with similar challenges via an approach that includes- and requires- the highest degree of business integrity to sustain a long-term business relationship.

Watt Warden is a US-based company that uses a highly-skilled solar specialized Philippine team to handle all the above for your company. This team becomes a seamless extension of your company (working under your business name), handling calls and emails, remote diagnosing (when possible), coordinating RMAs, and creating service call tickets for your field team to roll the truck. “We do not perform any on-site work; only customer service, sales and administration.”

Is handling the volume of inbound service calls becoming a problem?
Is your current staffing adequate for the following situations?

This service involves providing swift and efficient responses to incoming service calls and email inquiries. The goal is to address customer issues promptly and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

The service focuses on identifying whether the caller is an existing customer and gaining a clear understanding of their reported issue. This step is crucial for tailoring the support to the specific needs of the individual contacting the service.

This service entails diagnosing and resolving issues remotely whenever possible. It involves leveraging technical expertise to troubleshoot problems without the need for on-site visits, thereby saving time and resources.

The objective here is to assess the service required, provide a pricing structure, and successfully close the sale. This service aims to generate revenue by offering services at a competitive price point while meeting the customer’s needs.

This service involves actively monitoring the performance of solar fleets to identify potential issues before they escalate. It includes the initiation of paid service calls when necessary to address performance issues and maintain the optimal functioning of solar systems.

This service handles the process of completing and tracking Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and labor reimbursement claims from manufacturers. It ensures that faulty products are returned and that the associated costs are reimbursed appropriately.

This service involves generating invoices for the services provided and subsequently tracking the payments received. It ensures a smooth and organized financial process, helping to maintain a steady cash flow and accurate records of transactions.